Diona Mobility Data Manager

Not every NGO uses technology. Many still rely on paper-based processes and written reports. As the world moves more and more into the digital age, it is becoming hard for NGOs to keep up. The Diona Mobility Data Manager provides a very simple data repository solution that allows an NGO to take advantage of the power of mobile technologies while they think about transitioning to a system of record or case management system.

Diona Mobility Data Manager provides NGO’s with the power to:

Manage information simply
The Diona Mobility Data Manager is a simple and elegant web application that allows the NGO to manage case and client data. The solution works as a data store when an NGO does not have use of a full case management system. Key information (e.g. documents, case notes, assessments, forms) that is captured in the field through a Diona Mobility solution can be accessed and managed by people back at the office.

Maintain staff and volunteers securely
Security is a key consideration for all of Diona Mobility solutions. Access and authentication for NGOs that do not have their own authentication and authorization protocols in place is provided through the Diona Mobility Data Manager.

Create reports quickly
One of the greatest advantages of going digital is the ability to understand the different factors and variables impacting the people you serve. Through the Diona Mobility Data Manager, users can create and run reports on details associated with the case, the clients and, if wanted, the location of the case worker.