Diona Mobile Self Service

When people can help themselves everyone wins. For clients, mobility can embolden and empower clients to move towards self-sufficiency by literally putting the power of information into the clients’ hands.

Diona Mobile Self Service provides clients with the power to:

Keep connected

From a single intuitive and friendly interface, clients can get a unified view of interactions with the agency. With case details at hand and important notifications and messages delivered directly to mobile devices without effort, clients are better informed.

Manage appointments

Missed appointments are expensive. By making it easier for clients to record and be reminded of appointments, agencies raise the odds that people will be where they need to be when they need to be there.

Send information

Confirming details can be cumbersome (and costly) when it's paper-based. Finding original documents, traveling to offices, waiting in line, copying and scanning, sorting and filing is inefficient and error prone. Diona Mobile Self Service gives people the ability to photograph and send images of documents (such as driver’s licenses, passports and bills), saving time and resources.

Update details

Being able to keep personal information up-to-date without waiting in line or filling out forms or navigating agency phone systems makes it more likely that clients will keep their information current. Simplifying self-reported updates by clients increases accuracy and improves service delivery.

Remove barriers

Designed to take full advantage of supportive technologies available on mobile operating system (OS) platforms, Diona Mobile Self Service offers world-class support for differently abled persons. After all, everyone who needs help should be able to get it.