Diona Mobile Uploads

Many NGO processes require that clients provide copies of documents such as drivers’ licenses, utility bills, or birth certificates. The process is paper-based, time consuming, and error prone.

Diona Mobile Uploads is an enterprise software solution that allows clients and case workers of NGOs to use their mobile phone to photograph and submit copies of documents.

Diona Mobile Uploads integrates with agency systems and processes to simplify and expedite the agency processes and get to better outcomes.

Diona Mobile Uploads Android

Diona Mobile Uploads is easy to use. No login IDs, passwords, training, or user manuals are necessary and the steps to submit a document are few and intuitive.

Massively Scalable
Diona Mobile Uploads can support scores of people submitting documents across different devices and in different languages without drama. The load on agency staff is less than with paper. They don’t need to run scans and document images arrive with the necessary identifying data.

Truly Mobile
Diona Mobile Uploads works on popular phones including Android and iOS, and works the way clients expect a mobile service to from wherever they are.

Language Ready
Diona Mobile Uploads is made to work around the world and can be quickly configured to support the languages that your clients require. In addition to working with both left-to-right and right-to-left text, Diona Mobile Uploads supports double-byte characters including kanji. New languages can be added quickly and without coding.

Information about Clients Security for information about clients is built into every stage of Diona Mobile Uploads. Information is protected in transit through robust encryption, and no paper copies of sensitive documents are left on photocopiers.

Rapid Development
Need to support a new document type or data field? No problem. Diona Mobile Uploads is ready to be configured and expanded, requiring no software development or coding. New fields and support for new types of documents can be configured and supported in hours instead of weeks or months.

Integration Ready
From full system integration to simple and quick to implement Dropbox and Google Drive handoffs and email integration, Diona Mobile Uploads offers great options to integrate agency processes and deliver document images where they are needed.

Diona Mobile Uploads (PDF)