Diona Mobile Visits

NGO workers should be in the community and serving people at the moment of need. Sitting behind a desk to enter data isn’t the best use of time. Spending time doing paperwork is unproductive. Diona Mobile Visits offers NGOs the freedom to have their case workers spend more time doing the work that matters most – reaching out to the community.



Diona Mobile Visits allows NGOs to:

Conduct outreach campaigns
Whether it’s assessing the vulnerable population of a village or conducting a free HIV testing campaign, non-government and non-profit organizations are engaged in conducting and capturing a lot of information while reaching out to the community. With the ability to quickly capture assessment details at the community, family or individual level, online or offline, Diona Mobile Visits is your NGOs outreach campaign enabler.

Get More Out of Every Client Visit
Every minute spent with a client counts.  Diona Mobile Visits helps ensure that the focus is where it should be rather than on shuffling paper. With visit details, including objectives, reminders, and tasks easily at hand, your workers can be confident that they can manage their workload more effectively and with better outcomes. And with no need to go back to the office to capture information and details gathered during that client visit, more time can be spent in the field working with clients.
Turn Notes into a Power Tool
Taking notes in Diona Mobile Visits is more than scribbling a few reminders of your interaction. Instead, it offers a set of features that opens up brand new possibilities and work options for how your workers document and retrieve information about their work. It provides multi-media options that offer clearer and better record-keeping than words alone. By combining different approaches (handwriting, typed, audio, video and photographs), your workers can find the work style that suits them and your NGO best.

Put clients on the map
Diona Mobile Visits provides an integrated map view to provide your workers with the big picture when it comes to their clients. With interactive maps, workers can quickly plan the best routes, get directions to clients, and spot opportunities for ad hoc visits. 

Keep sensitive information safe
Bringing client information into the field is inherently risky. Diona Mobile Visits features strong encryption and data protection features which protect NGOs and their clients. Only information that is needed in the field is brought into the field and data can be wiped remotely in the event of loss or theft.

Stay connected without staying in the office
Diona Mobile Visits offers true work flexibility. Some “mobility” solutions offer no real mobility at all and require your workers to return to the office every time they need to update the information on their devices. Diona Mobile Visits offers true connectivity on the road (and it’s smart enough to keep working even when there’s no network to connect to).

Diona Mobile Visits (PDF)