The Problem

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NGOs and non-profits suffer from inefficient paper-based processes and documentation and a lack of technology systems, which create barriers. These challenges impair the effectiveness of client services and thwart non-profits’ ability to track and measure program efficacy and demonstrate outcomes to donors. 

There are very few efficient systems to track interventions related to a beneficiary/household over the tenure of a program. This in turn effects the ability to tailor specific interventions for each beneficiary to ensure the best possible impact/outcome for them. 

CSR foundations/donors lack transparent means of understanding the reach and impact of their partner implemented programs and lack the ability to access real-time information about the beneficiaries that are benefiting from their initiatives.

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The Solution

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Diona provides a simple, effective and affordable mobile solution for non-profits to manage all aspects of client service delivery and achieve vast improvements in worker productivity, client success tracking, and program outcome/impact measurement and results.  

Diona Mobile Visits and Diona Mobility Data Manager provide non-profits with a mobile solution to manage all aspects of client service delivery. Smartphones and tablets are transformed into high impact tools to improve face-to-face client interactions, capture real-time data into a single system, and share information and insights across the organization and with partners. 

How it Helps

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NGO Staff

  • Intuitive, user-centered design built and optimized for mobile device

  •  Focus on client/household related data capture and tracking. 

  • Case for each client/household for long term progress tracking.

  • Ensure interactions with every client are recorded securely.  

  • Plan and prepare better for each day with reminders, messages, and push notifications.

  • Flexible note-taking and reviewing features, including speech-to-text, images, audio and video capture

  • Access interactive maps, directions, and route planning.  

  • Remote assessment and form deployment, with data and signature capture plus pdf output.

  • Work online—and offline—with data downloads and sync capabilities.

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NGO Staff Supervisors, Managers

  • Organizational solution for client service(s) delivery management.

  • Deploy assessments and forms rapidly from the field. 

  • Real-time visibility of client interactions for supervisors and managers through cloud based web portal.  

  • Highly configurable environment, with native design supporting Android, iOS, and Windows 10. 

  • Track client progress and measure outcomes.  

  • Secure data storage and transmission using the highest encryption and data protection standards.  

  • Analytics enabled through data extraction and dashboard and report creation.

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Donors, CSR representatives

  • Demonstrate ROI and program outcomes to donors. 

  • Provides reports to easily track client progress and measure outcomes. 


How it Works

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Key Features

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Managing Clients and Families

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Case Notes

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Forms and Assessments

How it Helps – Case Studies 

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Health Screening 

Biocon Foundation, India-wide

Thematic Program Areas
-Oral Cancer Screening


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  • Capture images and signatures

  • Follow-up consultations and case history

  • Secure offline data collection and sync

  • Data duplication


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  • Diona Mobile Visits deployed on cloud server

  • Health Workers screen clients using mobile app and upload screening data + photos

  • Specialists (doctors) view screening data remotely


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  • Oral cancer screening done with no hassles in offline mode

  • Easy coordination between specialists and health workers for follow-ups

  • Solve the problem of data duplication


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Child Welfare

Bal Suraksha Abhiyan (BSA), West Bengal

Thematic Program Areas
Child Protection
-Child Labour Prevention
-Remote Surveys


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  • Paper files for record management

  • Remote locations, Hilly terrain

  • Involves intense travel for child workers 


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  • Implemented case records for children

  • All paper forms turned into digital forms in Diona Mobile Visits

  • Cloud deployment for anytime access


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  • Significant reduction in travel time for child protection workers

  • Offline work made it easy to work in remote areas


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Child Education

Shishu Mandir,

Thematic Program Areas
-Child Education
-Community Livelihood
-Self-Help Groups


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  • Paper files and Excel sheets for managing student and family records

  • Lack of summary views

  • Lack of progress tracking mechanism


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  • Case records for each student

  • Notes used for recording student milestones

  • Mobile app for recording progress


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  • Easy student reports available for donors

  • Student and Family situations progress indicators available anytime anywhere

  • 50% reduction in social worker time


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Skill Development

Anudip Foundation, 

Thematic Program Areas
-Skill Development


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  • Large student base with centres spread across various states

  • Field workers using paper/notebook

  • No centralized view of data captured by field workers


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  • Diona Mobile Visits deployed to help field workers record information

  • Use of photos, audio and video to get a picture of on-the-ground activities

  • Analytics reports to see the big-picture


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  • Improved coordination between field staff and their managers in the office

  • Videos, photos and audio recording helped office staff view actual happenings in the field

Customer List

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Can I use Diona Mobile Visits for field surveys? 

Diona Mobile Visits can be comfortably used for conducting field surveys of any size. But it is not a product designed purely for the purpose of surveys. It is built to take care of all aspects of client service delivery.

+ Do my staff need to be tech-savvy to use the app?

Diona Mobile Visits is designed in a way that it can be used comfortably by all kinds of users, even first-time smart phone users. 

+ Can the app be run in a local/vernacular language?  

Yes. Though Diona Mobile Visits app runs in English by default, it is designed to be run in any language of choice. In case of a customer choosing to deploy the app in their own language, the customer will have to provide the full language content to run the app in their preferred language. 

+ Does Diona Mobile Visits work offline? 

Yes. Diona Mobile Visits app has been designed to be used even when there is no internet connection. The app can automatically detect the availability or non-availability of the internet and switch between online and offline modes seamlessly without inconveniencing the user. 

Deployment and Usage

+ How long will it take for my organization to start using Diona Mobile Visits app?  

Typically, we can get you going in a matter of 2-3 weeks. 

+ Do we need to have a technical resource to setup the application?  

No. The Diona team will setup everything for you. You will need to provide a chief point of contact, preferably someone who understands your programs and business well, so they can help us in configuring the system to your organization’s needs.  

+ What kinds of users are supported?  

By users, we mean:   a. NGO workers (staff) who will login to the Diona Mobile Visits app and record information on it.   b. Managers/Supervisors who monitor work done by the NGO workers and need to view data recorded by them as well as view and capture analytics reports. These people will be using the Diona Mobile Data Manager. They can also use the app, if required.  

+ Is there a minimum/maximum limit on the number of users?  

We do not impose any maximum limit to the number of users. Ideally we would need a minimum of 10 users to get you started.  

+ Can we use Diona Mobile Visits on trial?  

We can provide a trial version on demand for FREE for a period of 1 month.  

+ Can Diona Mobile Visits app integrate with an existing system we already use?  

Yes. Diona has vast experience of working with organisations with large existing systems, especially in the government sector. The product has been designed to easily integrate with any existing system of record.  


+ What subscription models do you support?  

Subscriptions are for a period of 12 months, renewable in 12-month intervals. Depending on the number of users and the duration of the contract, volume discounts are applicable. There is a 30 day free-trial with all subscriptions.

+ What does the subscription fee cover? 

The subscription fee covers – Diona Mobile Visits App for the number of users agreed upon; Diona Mobile Data Manager (web portal); Cloud hosting; Data Storage and backup; 24X7 support; Software Upgrades

+ Are there additional fee/charges involved (ex: setup fee)?  

There is a one-time setup fee which depends on the size of the organisation, amount of configuration and the number of reports to be developed.


+ How does Diona ensure security of my data?  

Only users who have valid user accounts can login and access the data visible to them.   All data stored on the device is stored securely and encrypted so that anybody who might get access to the device cannot view the contents. We use a secure cloud powered by Microsoft Azure for the application server and data storage. Data being transferred between the mobile app and server is encrypted and so is the data stored on the cloud.


+ Do you support analytics reports we need?  

Diona Mobile Visits supports the ability to configure most, if not all kinds of analytics reports. We will need to identify the exact reports you will need during our initial setup discussions.  

+ How long will it take to design the analytics of my choice?  

It is a function of the number of reports needed by your organization. Typically, this could take as little as 1-2 weeks.  


+ How can we contact Diona to report issues? What support channels are available?

Diona has an online support portal as well as a dedicated support email address, for customers to raise issues. We adhere to strict service level agreements which are governed by the subscription agreement.

+ Can we modify the system configurations ourselves?

Yes. You can modify configurations on your own. However, Diona support team can make the required changes in the configuration for you as well.

+ Will Diona help in user training?



+ Who creates the user accounts and teams?

Diona team, during the setup process. Customer administrators can maintain the user accounts as well.

+ What dpes the initial setup process involve?

Initial setup process is where we discuss your form, analytics and customization requirements and configure the solution to meet your unique needs.

+ What kind of mobile devices can the Diona Mobile Visits app run on?

Diona Mobile Visits app can run on Android (5.0+), iOS and Windows devices.

+ Can I deploy the solution on any cloud server of my choice?

Diona Mobile Visits is cloud-agnostic. However, Diona deploys the solution on Microsoft Azure by default and this is our preferred deployment model. We are happy to discuss your specific deployment needs.

+ Can I deploy the solution on my own server instead of choosing a cloud deployment?

Deployment on Microsoft Azure is our preferred option. We also support deployment on a customer-owned server as needed, based on a discussion about your needs.

About Diona 

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Diona Mobility solutions transform mobile phones and tablets into tools for helping people. It means more efficiency, well-informed and happier clients, more productive caseworkers and better outcomes for people in need. 

Born out of unmatched experience and passion for bringing mobile technology solutions to NGOs, NPOs, and health and human services agencies, Diona is building a future where people can get the help they need—when and where they need it. Diona Mobile solutions turn mobile devices—such as smartphones and tablets—into tools to achieve better organizational and social outcomes. Diona Mobile improves how service providers work and collaborate through a client service delivery management system, allowing them to access client data, update information, monitor progress, and report results. Built on a cloud-based platform that is secure, robust, scalable, and reliable, there is no infrastructure nonprofits must maintain. This frees them to focus on what they do best—driving impact through human services and support. 

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