Improve Service Delivery

Diona Mobility helps NGOs serve people better while improving how their employees work and collaborate to achieve better social outcomes. New options for efficiency, insight and collaboration are now at everyone’s fingertips.

Diona Mobile Visits Phone


NGO workers should be in the community and serving people at the moment of need. Sitting behind a desk to enter data isn’t the best use of time. Spending time doing paperwork is unproductive. Diona Mobile Visits offers NGOs the freedom to have their caseworkers spend more time doing the work that matters most – reaching out to the community.  

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Diona Mobile Uploads

Many NGOs processes require that clients provide copies of documents such as drivers’ licenses, utility bills, or birth certificates. The process is paper-based, time consuming, and error prone. Diona Mobile Uploads is an enterprise software solution that allows clients and case workers of NGOs to use their mobile phone to photograph and submit the documents.

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Not every NGO uses technology. Many still rely on paper-based processes and written reports. As the world moves more and more into the digital age, it is becoming hard for NGOs to keep up. The Diona Mobility Data Manager provides a very simple data repository solution that allows an NGO to take advantage of the power of mobile technologies while they think about transitioning to a system of record or case management system.  

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Diona Mobility solutions are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  This allows our NGO customers benefit from robust infrastructure capabilities, on-demand scaling and cost efficiencies. When we looked for a cloud hosting partner, we needed a solution that is easy to understand and deploy, and meets the stringent requirements of our NGO customers, who deal with sensitive data on a daily basis. Microsoft Azure meets all the necessary security standards, and ticks all the boxes in terms of the functionality, platform support, security certifications and network connectivity requirements that our NGO customers need.